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Welp, The Far Right Now Have A Nutty Conspiracy Theory About ‘Satanic’ Taylor Swift Super Bowl Guest Ice Spice, Too

Ice Spice Starry Super Bowl Commerical 2024 screenshot

What did Taylor Swift ever do to make MAGA hate her? She voted for Joe Biden four years ago — and probably will again — but other than that? And yet the far right have made her one of their many, many (many, many, many) enemies. Some even hatched a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory about her somehow rigging the Super Bowl and the 2024 presidential election. Now they’ve even come for one of her guests at Sunday’s big game.

Per HuffPost, a number of MAGA wackos have glommed onto the idea that Ice Spice, the hit-making rapper who was hanging with Taylor at Super Bowl LVIII, was flashing “Satanic hand gestures” during the game, all while dressed in “demonic clothing.”

Oh, and Taylor? She was being an “alcoholic” for occasionally downing beer at a football game.

What Ice Spice was really doing was throwing up “devil signs,” which has been used in music since the Jazz age but which gained a new kind of notoriety in heavy metal circa the ‘70s thanks to Ronnie James Dio. As for the “demonic clothing,” i.e., her upside-down crucifix, the debunkers Snopes spent some valuable time pointing out that such jewelry isn’t necessary “demonic” or “satanic,”

Still, is Ice Spice some Satanist? Unlikely! In an interview with Interview magazine in 2022, the one born Isis Naija Gaston talked about going to Catholic school as a kid and how even today she’s “still religious in the sense where I strictly pray every day, all the time.”

Anyway, keep it up, Republicans! Enraging both Swifties and Ice Spice fans will only drive them to make sure you’re never back in the White House.

(Via HuffPost)