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Barry Keoghan Is Up For Making A Very Irish Movie With Ayo Edebiri

Ayo Edebiri
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Barry Keoghan has made a very specific name for himself as Ireland’s Official Weirdo, but he respects his fellow Irish, all of whom have been killing it lately. There’s Cillian and his distressed face, our boy Colin, and of course, Ayo Edebiri (honorary Irish).

Keoghan was interviewed by Vanity Fair when he praised the recent Irish wave. “There’s so many of us. We definitely have to feckin’ get some sort of movie going. A big ensemble,” he proposed. Maybe something along the lines of the 2001 Disney Channel Original Movie Luck Of The Irish? He added. “It’d be like, ‘Who’s the most Irish?’ We’d be all really putting it on. All the accents, oh, God. You wouldn’t understand us because when we all get together, we become more Irish, and no one understands anything that’s being said.”He explained. Whatever happens, we just have to make sure Saoirse Ronan is free for this one. We cannot have another Barbie situation.

It would not be a proper Irish film without the famous Irish icon Edebiri. Keoghan agrees, “Exactly. She’s killing it, man. She’s killing. I bumped into her as well at…what was it? I’m losing track. The Governors Ball. Oh, she’s so cool, she really is,” he added. No, Edebiri is not Irish. But that doesn’t stop her from standing alongside her Irish peers and leaning into the whole thing.

As long as the proposed Irish film includes Brendan Gleeson, Paul Mescal, and some of the Derry Girls, it will surely be a must-see blockbuster.

(Via Vanity Fair)