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Will Schoolboy Q Go On Tour For ‘Blue Lips?’

schoolboy q
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The last time Schoolboy Q went on tour was in 2019, for his then-new album Crash Talk. At the time, he hit 19 cities through the fall, concluding his tour on December 4 in his native Los Angeles. He announced his next album would come out sometime in 2020. Then, the pandemic hit and the possibility of touring went out the window for a number of artists.

Despite apparently completing that album as promised, Q decided to hold off on releasing it, as the landscape of the recording industry had changed so rapidly with the advent of TikTok, an explosion in music festivals, and a general uncertainty about how to proceed. Q himself settled into dad life, even releasing a standalone single about being a “Soccer Dad,” and worked on his golf game. However, he’s got a new album out, Blue Lips, so it’s fair to wonder: Will he go on tour again for his new album?

If his tweet about the subject is anything to go on, it looks like the answer is a resounding yes. Responding to a tweet about the speculation surrounding a desired tour announcement, Q wrote an all-caps endorsement, “BLUE LIPS TOUR,” complete with the widely acknowledged shouting emoji.