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‘WWE 2K24’ Is A Winner In A Series Brought Back To Life

WWE 2K24

It’s about time we acknowledge that the WWE 2K series is back to churning out consistent hits. After the debacle that was WWE 2K20, developers went back to the drawing board and committed to getting things right.

The 2K22 iteration was a clear rededication to improving the system, building a strong foundation, and making it easier than ever to play. The following year was about incremental updates to making the gameplay better with enough shiny, new objects to appease both returning and new players, like the insane WarGames match type. This year, WWE 2K24 does what a great video game series does once they’ve found their groove — make incremental updates to gameplay, presentation, and roll out a few new modes that cause a stir.

The gameplay additions aren’t necessarily groundbreaking. For me, they’re enough to move the needle as someone who appreciates refining things that work and making them even better. Changing the camera angle to allow to view the side angle of the ring and down the ramp is such a small tweak that brings an old school feel and somehow freshens the game at the same time.

After playing the full release of the game — which releases with the Deluxe and 40 Years of WrestleMania Editions on March 5 and Standard edition on March 8 — the new Exchanging Blows mini-game remains far and away my absolute favorite new addition. The realism of two opponents on their absolute last legs putting everything they have into each shot is something I didn’t realize I wanted in a game until it arrived. You can’t just toss shots endlessly, and depending on your character, stamina can go pretty quickly. Add that with the ability to make tag matches more intuitive by providing tag team partner instructions, and matches are significantly affected by these very small additions.

The presentation of the actual wrestlers even feels like it was elevated in this year’s iteration. Character models give off the larger-than-life presence often associated with their real-life counterparts.

After making a huge leap forward with the WarGames match addition last year, 2K24 added a few more gems in the shape of Casket, Ambulance, and Gauntlet match variations, as well as a revised Backstage Brawl. Those matches don’t quite move the needle the way WarGames did, but they serve their purpose – they’re fun gimmick options that feel best played in moderation, similar to what you’d expect from the traditional onscreen product.

Each match type has its benefits, but the return of the Special Guest Referee match feels like the most significant addition to the new offerings. As a referee, players can switch between actively refereeing the match and attack mode, meaning you won’t accidentally strike an opponent in the match when you’re in referee mode and you can cause as much chaos as you’d like in attack mode. Customizations are even down to what your referee is wearing, from an official’s shirt to their ring gear or even creating your own official.

The game modes are really where the bulk of my time playing came in. Showcase remains far and away my favorite mode. The Slingshot Tech takes fans from gameplay to real footage and back again as you accomplish tasks to unlock items. Traveling through 40 years of WrestleMania was the perfect tribute to one of wrestling’s most iconic events. And utilizing characters who were likely already going to be in the game felt like a great blend of the past and present.

In the past, playing one-off matches with friends or traveling through the Universe mode was where I spent most of time. The Universe sandbox remains strong with enough new additions to keep the game fresh and storytelling options aplenty through added cut scenes, double title matches, and a Loser Leaves Town stipulation.

This year, however, I found myself unable to put the control down once I got into MyGM mode. New features include allowing users to trade superstars and utilize talent scouts, which makes it one of the more robust iterations of the series. There’s still some functionality lacking, like setting up a match directly after a promo or certain match types missing, but the game mode gives just enough to keep fans satisfied.

Overall, the series is a solid next step in WWE 2K24’s growing empire. Combined with a star-studded DLC crew headlined by CM Punk and new and compelling MyRise stories, WWE 2K has raised the bar yet again on what fans should come to expect from the yearly pro wrestling series.