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Common’s Inexplicable Leather Jacket In ‘Silo’ Has Finally Received A Definitive Explanation

Silo Common
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“Why aren’t you watching Silo?”

It’s a valid question that has been posed by our own Jessica Toomer. The series should not only appeal to sci-fans and those who have gobbled up Hugh Howey’s Wool, Shift, and Dust but also those who adore Graham Yost’s (Justified) showrunning style. The impending second season has been filming for several months, so we should hear about a release date soon. What does matter is that Rebecca Ferguson has been teasing the “incredibly intense” and “wet” happenings to come (behave, people) after Juliette leaves the silo that she has always called home and then discovers more silos over the hill.

Ferguson recently sat down, along with Yost and co-stars Tim Robbins and Common, to drop more hints during a Deadline-hosted panel. And finally, we are really receiving an in-depth discussion about Common’s Inexplicable Leather Jacket in the series.

As silly as that sounds, this is a thing that has troubled not only viewers (because that leather jacket looks so out-of-the-ordinary alongside the functional clothing of the silo) but also readers, since Sims is not specified as wearing a leather jacket in the books. The issue has perplexed Redditors, who have not only asked, “Someone, anyone, please explain Sims’ jacket to me…” as well as “Where did Sims get a shiny new leather jacket?” but also, importantly, “Where’d my man find a whole ass cow?” Another Redditor admitted, “This has troubled a lot of us.”

The thing is, yes, there are cows in the self-sustaining silo, but the leather jacket still seems impractical, and Deadline’s Lynette Rice decided that Common should answer for this oddness. As Rice inquired, “He’s got the very cool outfit on, the leather… he oozes cool… why is that?”

Common’s first reaction: “I think just because I’m cool.” He then elaborated:

“No, just kidding… this was some of the best material I’ve ever read… and then I started to look at Sims… he could have just been a heavy, but they wrote him that he wasn’t just a heavy. He was fighting for something that he believed in, but he also had some dimensions to him. So I have to say [about] Sims’ style, I gotta give it up for Charlotte [Morris], who is our costume designer.” [Morris and Graham generated] “ideas with who Sims would be… and I just kinda put on the outfit and started to breathe it. I just did my inner work.”

And does he field this question on the street? Yes:

“People do ask me why am I the only one in the silo in a leather jacket, and how is my head, like, always shaved, every day, and I’m like clean cut, and everybody’s grimy and stuff. But like I said, Sims is kinda cool.”

There you have it. Silo‘s first season can currently be streamed on Apple TV+.

(Via Deadline)