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Lil Nas X Finally Dropped ‘Lean On My Body,’ A Song Teased All The Way Back In 2022

It was an ordinary Wednesday night (April 17) until Lil Nas X decided to finally drop “Lean On My Body,” which might sound familiar to his most ardent fans and followers. On March 17, 2022, Lil Nas X posted a video appearing to casually walk on a treadmill while rapping bars from “Lean On My Body.” He resurfaced the post on X (formerly Twitter), writing, “I know I’m 10 years late but I’m dropping lean on my body in a couple minutes.”

As promised, “Lean On My Body” arrived on SoundCloud and YouTube shortly thereafter. Lil Nas X additionally promised that Nasarati 2, his forthcoming project, is indeed “OTW.”

When someone on X named Mya posted, “These songs are literally hits it’s insane he’s not putting them on all streaming platforms,” Lil Nas X replied, “I just want y’all to enjoy the music for now. We gone get to that!”

Produced by Take A Daytrip and Jasper Harris, “Lean On My Body” finds Lil Nas X as confident as ever. The two-time Grammy winner brags about “doin’ real sh*t” and his nephew “sittin’ in the class with a broken knuckle / He had to beat a n**** ass for talkin’ ’bout his uncle.” The bars are just as relentless in the second verse, where Lil Nas X raps, “Polar bear body, Nasarati’s got his next one / My next move always gon’ be better than your best one / You b*tches couldn’t even see Lil Nas-y in a warmup, a tryout, a test run / Anyways, I’m back like a vertebrae / I can drop a sex tape and win a VMA.” His range.

So far this year, Lil Nas X has dropped “J Christ,” “Light Again,” and “Right There.” However, “J Christ” was the only traditionally released single, and it fittingly debuted at No. 69 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Listen to “Lean On My Body” above.