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Mitski Sets Sail Toward Love In Her New Video For ‘Star’

The story of The Land Is Inhospitable, And So Are We continues. Today (April 23), Mitski has shared the video for “Star,” a fan-favorite from the album.

On the song, Mitski remembers the pleasant moments of a love that was short-lived, but still ever-so-special.

“That love is like a star, it’s gone / We just see it shining / It’s traveled very far, I’ll keep a leftover light burning / So you can keep looking up / Isn’t that worth holding on?,” she sings on the song’s chorus.

The song’s music video was filmed last summer and presents Mitski as she sails through a pond among painted pieces of wood, crafted to create the illusion of mountains in the background. Directed by Maegan Houang, the video captures the otherworldly feelings of the song, visualizing the experience of holding onto a fading love.

“Unlike the more narrative/concept driven videos Mitski and I have done together in the past, I wanted this video to encapsulate the impressionistic circularity we all experience. Our lives oscillate between light and dark repeating itself in an endless cycle where nothing is permanent,” said Houang in a statment. “The best moments are fleeting, but so are the bad.”

You can see the video for “Star” above.