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‘Wednesday’ Season 2: All The Details And Cast Updates You Need To Know (Update For April 2024)

Vlad Cioplea/Netflix

Sure, some skeptics wondered if Tim Burton’s Wednesday series could live up to the iconic version portrayed by Christina Ricci on the large screen. Every doubt evaporated, however, when Jenna Ortega — who will also soon star in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice Beetlejuice — unblinkingly materialized as the Addams Family daughter. The Netflix show volleyed not only into the stratosphere but also perches atop the streamer’s Top 10 Series of all time list in hours viewed. Not only that, but the first season’s total running time is less than most of the other entries on the list, so those hours look doubly impressive.

In other words, fears have no place when it comes to this show’s quality, although Ortega should send a shiver down your spine, not only for her spooky character but how well she pulls off that classic monotone. Not only is Ortega pitch perfect, but the series also set the title character into sleuthing motion with such success that a second season was speedily renewed with deadpan vigor. Let’s get down to business on where the Nevermore Academy’s chief outcast will go (and film) next.


This season, most filming will have moved to Ireland instead of Romania, and it remains to be seen how that might affect the show’s aesthetic. Wednesday Addams, however, will never change her ways. She will continue despising everything and return after solving multiple murders and saving Nevermore Academy. It’s also worth noting that Fred Armisen’s Uncle Fester arrived as such an onscreen treat that he will surface in his own spin off series soon. In other words, there will be a whole lot of gloomy Addams Fam to witness for years to come. (How horrible for Wednesday herself.)

So, although Netflix has stayed relatively mum about the actual plot of the next season, we can make a few guesses and gather hints from Ortega’s own words.

– Ortega has revealed that darkness will shine in this sophomore era with the series being “more action-packed” and “leaning into a little bit more horror.” The Scream VI actress also suggested that this season will feel more cinematic, although she did not elaborate on the reasons why that is the case.

– Not only will Uncle Fester be expanding the Addams-centric world on Netflix with his own show, but Netflix has confirmed that another new family member will be introduced for the second season, so perhaps we shall see Cousin Itt?

– Unfortunately, Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie) did indeed die in the first season, and we’ll discuss her replacement in the casting-news section below. And it’s a bummer to lose Christie’s presence, but at least we should see her on The Sandman again. Also, we should simply be relieved that Thing survived the first season.


– From there, expect followup on the season finale after Tyler was revealed to be The Hyde. Will we see Wednesday reckon with finding herself attracted to a murderous monster? Given her generally unemotional state, the show’s approach to following up on this development will be telling and should pave the way for the second season’s tone. As well, we should find out who is stalking Wednesday with disturbing messages (and imagery) via text message.


Jenna Ortega is back for more amateur detective deeds, and we can expect to see Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzman as the perfect Morticia and Gomez again. Recently, Variety revealed that Steve Buscemi joined the cast as Nevermore Academy’s new principal (further confirming Gwendoline Christie’s departure), and Thandiwe Newton has also joined in an unspecified role.

As already mentioned, Fred Armisen will surface in his own Uncle Fester spin off, but perhaps he’ll make a trip into the principal series, too. As for the theory that Cousin Itt will arrive, let’s dreamcast Ryan Hurst, who is used to hiding his face and making us all sad in the process.

Release Date

Filming began this month and is expected to continue through December. Fingers are duly crossed for a spring 2025 release.


Until Netflix lets some footage fly, this miserable video of a second-season announcement will have to do.