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Woman adopts a blind senior dog and spoils him for 28 days before putting him to sleep

A TikTok video by Kate Schakols has been seen over 100 million times because it is a touching example of empathy and human kindness. It also shows that a dog who’s lived a life of hardship can find joy and peace when given a loving home.

Schakols and her family fell in love with Rooster, a dog that was estimated to be between 10 to 12 years old, at the Gulf Coast STARS rescue in 2020 and adopted him. Rooster was blind in one eye, had benign lumps and most of his elbow pads and teeth were worn down from digging in concrete for food.

“The bond I had with Rooster was unreal,” she told People. “I’d never felt that specific type of connection before, and it was obvious to everyone that he had chosen me to be his person.”

Sadly, after 28 days, Rooster developed dog bloat and had to be humanely euthanized. Even though their time together was far too short, Schakols was happy to have comforted Rooster in his final days. She told their brief but touching story in a slideshow video from Rooster’s perspective.

TikTok · Millie_Archie

By telling the story from Rooster’s point of view, Schakols shows the incredible empathy and understanding she shared with the dog. It also gives people who may not be considering adopting a senior dog, an idea of what it means for an older dog to live in comfort in their final days.

“There’s so many stories of dogs being adopted but passing soon after and I think they finally felt peace and comfort and safe to let themselves go,” BekahjO2 wrote in the comments. “It’s like he held on until he could feel love and joy. When he did he was finally at peace and able to cross the rainbow bridge,” Mickey added.