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Burger King’s Glow Up Continues With Their New Mozzarella Fries

Burger King/Uproxx

Is Burger King in the midst of a glow-up?

Admittedly, I have not been kind to Burger King over the years. The restaurant routinely ranks near the bottom of our various fast food rankings. I’ve given BK the benefit of the doubt time and time again, only to end up disappointed. But so far, 2024 has been different.

Last month, BK launched the Buffalo Sauced Nuggets, a spicy and tangy take on its Chicken Nugget. Not only did they perform admirably in a blind taste test against a range of other delicious nuggets, but I named the new menu addition one of the five essential Burger King menu items. And now, just a month later, Burger King is back with another new menu item — Mozzarella Fries.

The Mozzarella Fries are available as a permanent menu option at BK restaurants nationwide. Considering I’m a big fan of fried Mozzarella, I have pretty high hopes for these fried cheese sticks, even if I think the name is a bit confusing (these aren’t fries in any way, shape, or form, it’s just what BK decided to call them because I guess “mozzarella stick” isn’t appetizing enough).

We picked up an order and put them to a taste test to see if Burger King is two for two in 2024. Come on BK, don’t let me down.

Mozzarella Fries Taste Test

Dane Rivera

Thoughts & Tasting Notes:

Before I get into what these taste like, let’s talk about the name. Why are these called “Mozzarella Fries?” Well, because Burger King’s branding team is a bunch of dorks.

The menu has both chicken nuggets and chicken fries, the latter being the same processed chicken as the nugget in the shape of a French fry. It’s a small change but ultimately features a different breading-to-meat ratio, and a different blend of seasoning that leans more on the zesty side. It’s altered enough to justify a name change. That doesn’t justify naming these mozzarella sticks “Mozzarella Fries,” in our opinion, but ultimately, who cares right?

All that matters is whether or not these taste good. And I’m happy to say, they do! (Mostly.)

The Mozzarella Fries have that zesty pepper and onion-forward flavor that fans of Chicken Fries will recognize, but with a small touch of Italian seasoning, giving this cheese stick an herbal note that pairs nicely with marinara sauce. The cheese is creamy and flavorful, but also very salty. Unfortunately, that means these require sauce to help mask some of that saltiness.

Dane Rivera

Another gripe I have is that the cheese isn’t quite as luxurious or thick as I’d hoped. If you’re looking for a luxurious and appetizing cheese trail, what you’ll find here is thinner and stringy.

Small issues aside though, this is a positive step for the BK-menu and will definitely have me back in the drive-thru sooner than later.

The Bottom Line:

This year BK is two-for-two when it comes to new menu additions. These Mozzarella Fries are a must order, we recommend adding them to whatever you normally get from BK. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say they’re worth a trip to the BK drive-thru ASAP.

Wow, that’s a sentence I never thought I’d write in 2024.