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When Do ‘Hacks’ Season 3, Episodes 5 & 6 Come Out?

Christina Hendricks Hacks Max

If you aren’t watching Hacks, then you are missing out on a breezy, whip-smart, sexy, and funny comedy series that tackles the many sides of life in the spotlight. Last time around, the legendary Deborah Vance enjoyed her roast more than sensitive Tom Brady, and now, it’s finally time for Christina Hendricks to make her entrance on the Max comedy series.

When Doe ‘Hacks’ Season 3, Episodes 5 & 6 Come Out?

The two newest episodes will stream on Thursday, May 17 at 3:00am EST/12:00am PST.

The Episode 5 (“One Day”) description is not even half as entertaining as the episode itself: “As Deborah contends with writer’s block and Ava with a broken heart, the pair decide to clear their heads in the woods.”

As for Episode 6 (“Power Play”), the description is also much more businesslike than what actually transpires: “Deborah participates in a golf tournament to get face time with the cable affiliates who could decide her future.”

Will Deborah ever get her run as a late-night host? That’s the most pressing question of the season, but this show skillfully manages to be about several other different dilemmas of the human existence. As always, Ava and Deborah will get on each other’s nerves but be unable to quit their pairing. It’s not fun for the whole family, but for the intended audience, it’s remarkably effective.