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Carmelo Anthony And Dwyane Wade Remembered The Time LeBron James Saved Melo’s Life While Snorkeling

The NBA’s most prominent group of friends are the Banana Boat crew, made up of LeBron James, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, and despite the fact that he was not in the famous picture, Carmelo Anthony. Four of the best players of their era, this group includes a number of championships, All-Star appearances, and moments that have captivated basketball fans over the course of their careers.

We’ll also occasionally get stories about this friendship from members of the group, something that occurred on Friday when Anthony and Wade had a conversation with one another on Instagram. Gabrielle Union wanted Anthony to “tell the story of when we were in the Bahamas and it didn’t look like you were gonna make it,” a vague prompt that excited the pair of future Hall of Fame inductees. Basically, Anthony got a little too eager to spend as much time as he possibly could snorkeling while on vacation, and as a result, he got caught in the current.

Once James realized what was going on, Wade said he dove in “like that commercial that he had, the LeBrons,” and got Anthony out.

“I’ve seen LeBron do a lot of amazing things on the court. Off the court, when he went and saved Melo’s life…” Wade said before Anthony confirmed that James did, indeed, save his life. It is a pretty scary story, but fortunately everything ended up ok and Anthony is able to laugh about it now. And at the very least, this gives me a reason to link the old Nike commercial with the LeBrons, which is always fun.