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Kid Cudi Reminisces On The First Time He Met Juice WRLD: ‘I Was Surprised U Were Even A Fan’

It’s been nearly five months since the tragic passing of Juice WRLD, and many are far from over his death. One of those people is Kid Cudi, who took to Twitter to share a heartfelt tribute to the late rapper.

Cudi began with quoting a tweet from Juice back in 2018, one that came shortly after “Lucid Dreams” had begun to achieve mainstream success. In the old tweet he wrote, “I need to work with you legend.” In the new tweet, Cudi added, “it hurts we never got to work together.” Cudi also wrote, “When we met at Coachella I was surprised u were even a fan. I didnt feel so old after all haha I got something just for u I hope u love. All for you brother.”

In a second tweet, Cudi shared a screenshot of text messages from him and Juice WRLD following their first meeting at Coachella in 2019. In the texts, Juice WRLD expresses his appreciation for meeting the Cudi, to which he responded, “So awesome finally meeting u. Let’s stay in touch, im runnin around a bit but hopefully we can get up.”

Details on when Cudi will share his tribute to Juice WRLD remain to be seen. Last year, Cudi also confirmed that an album and tour would see arrive in 2020, but with the coronavirus impacting the industry in a number of ways, keeping to that promise may prove very difficult.