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Drake’s Photo Of Adonis Prompts Fans To Pull Out Their Best Pusha T Jokes

When Pusha T spat the bombshell revelation “You are hiding a child” on his corrosive Drake diss “The Story Of Adidon,” he effectively ended the war between the two rappers and prompted a new era of Dad Drake memes. Fans’ tendency to side with whichever side of a rap feud seems to have the upper hand finally turned against the once-invincible Torontonian star, making him the butt of the joke — and for once, he couldn’t spin it to take advantage. Now that Drake has finally shared a photo of the now toddler, those jokes have resurfaced along with the realization that he may have been justified in keeping his son a secret.

It didn’t take long for Pusha T to begin trending on Twitter after Drake posted the photo. While some users posted the lyrics from “The Story Of Adidon,” others seemed content to pronounce that Pusha T actually won the war, imagining his response to the photo, Drake’s response to Pusha’s diss track, and even Adonis’ potential response to hearing the song later in his life.

However, there were also plenty of fans whose jokes got downright mean, making fun of the toddler and prompting others to come to his defense.

As with any controversial viral moment, it seems that everyone has an opinion. However, it’s important to remember that there are actual people at the center of the polarized responses, with the current crisis affecting their family as much as anyone else’s. Now might be a good time to put compassion first.