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The 1975 Delay The Release Of Their Album ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ And Debut Its Tracklist

The 1975 have been teasing the release of their record Notes On A Conditional Form for some time. The group’s fourth studio effort was originally slated for a February release, but the band’s vocalist Matty Healy has consistently announced delays. Healy formerly confirmed the album would see a debut at the end of April, but the band has once again pushed back its release. Now, Notes On A Conditional Form now finally has a firm release date and a full tracklist.

Healy said the record would debut in April, but in the months that followed, The 1975 decided to take a little more time. The band announced on social media that Notes On A Conditional Form will be released on May 22.

In an Instagram live session in January, Healy discussed the album and pinpointed a new release date. “We have been finishing our album, so we’ve been very busy,” Healy said. “It takes like three months or something to physically make a record on vinyl so it comes out on the 24th of April, I think. Sorry if that’s annoying or whatever.”

Check out the Notes On A Conditional Form album art and tracklist below.

Dirty Hit

1. “The 1975”
2. “People”
3. “The End (Music For Cars)”
4. “Frail State Of Mind”
5. “Streaming”
6. “The Birthday Party”
7. “Yeah I Know”
8. “Then Because She Goes”
9. “Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America”
10. “Roadkill”
11. “Me & You Together Song”
12. “I Think There’s Something You Should Know”
13. “Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied”
14. “Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy)”
15. “Shiny Collarbone”
16. “If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)”
17. “Playing On My Mind”
18. “Having No Head”
19. “What Should I Say”
20. “Bagsy Not In Net”
21. “Don’t Worry”
22. “Guys”

Notes On A Conditional Form is out 5/22 via Dirty Hit. Pre-order it here.