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Here’s Everything Launching On Quibi In April

March may have lasted nearly 80 years but, at last, we’ve made it to the month of April and as a reward, we’re finally going to figure out what this Quibi thing is all about. The new streaming service, which promises bite-sized content you can watch on your phone whenever you want, has rolled out an impressive line-up of original content headlined by some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Liam Hemsworth, Sophie Turner, Christoph Waltz, Idris Elba… they’re all here, giving us movie “chapters” and reality competition series that are 7-10 minutes long. There are also cooking competitions with cannons, murder house-flipping series, queer game shows, and a new version of Punk’d hosted by Chance The Rapper that sounds very Black Mirror-ish.

If you’re curious, or just unbelievably bored during this weeks-long quarantine, you can sign up for a free 90-day trial of Quibi now and check out all of the shows and films coming this month.

Most Dangerous Game

Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz star in this dystopian action thriller that decides to play a very, well, dangerous game. Hemsworth plays Dodge Maynard, a man with a terminal illness who’s determined to see his son be born. To pay for some costly medical treatments he signs up to participate in a deadly contest that tasks him with staying alive for 24 hours as trained killers and competitive psychopaths try to kill him. Waltz plays the ringleader, who introduces Dodge to the game and gives him helpful advice along the way. He’s so good at playing these over-the-top creeps, which is why this feature feels like one of Quibi’s best bets.


Sophie Turner leads this epic survival story, playing a young woman named Jane who realizes her life’s worth fighting for just as her flight home crashes into a mountain. On her way home from a therapy retreat and contemplating suicide, Jane meets a man named Paul (Corey Hawkins), and the two just happen to be the only survivors of a deadly plane crash. To make it back to civilization they must scale mountains, brave subzero temps, and outrun wolves.

Chrissy’s Court

Chrissy Teigen’s coming for Judge Judy’s spot with this reality courtroom series that sees the TV personality and cookbook author doling out her own ridiculously funny brand of justice. Chrissy manages real, small claims cases with the help of her mom, who plays bailiff. All judgments will be legal and binding.

Elba v Block

Quibi takes us back to simpler times when a Coronavirus-free Idris Elba’s biggest worry was beating professional driver Ken Block in this reality competition series full of high-octane thrills. The two men keep upping the stakes, with tricked-out wheels and increasingly insane stunts to see who’s the better racer.


The minds behind Chopped bring us this new reality cooking competition hosted by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Tituss Burgess. Sure, some famous names like Wolfgang Puck, Jane Krakowski, Antoni Porowski, Rachel Dratch, and Dany Levy are set to serve as judges but the real draw here is the name of the game. Two chefs are blindfolded before being cannon-blasted with a mystery food dish. They’ll need to use their culinary know-how to figure out what the meal was and recreate it.

Here’s everything launching on Quibi this April:

Available April 6:


Most Dangerous Game


When The Streetlights Go On


Chrissy’s Court


Fierce Queens

Gayme Show!

Gone Mental With Lior

I Promise

Memory Hole

Murder House Flip


Nikki Fre$h



Run This City

Shape Of Pasta

Singled Out

Skrrt With Offset

Thanks A Million

The Sauce

You Ain’t Got These

Available April 13:

Agua Donkeys

The Stranger


50 States Of Fright

Elba v Block

Let’s Roll With Tony Greenhand

Fight Like A Girl

Available April 20:


Iron Sharpens Iron

Available April 27:

Cup Of Joe