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Clairo’s Lo-Fi ‘Everything I Know’ Demo Provides A Nostalgic Quarantine Escape

Clairo got her start after her demo “Pretty Girl” was posted to YouTube in 2017 and spread by the site’s algorithm. But Clairo has come a long way since making music from her bedroom. Produced by Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij, the singer’s debut album Immunity arrived last year. Clairo has since sold-out tours and graced festival stages, but she’s not done sharing music. The singer recently debuted a washed-out demo in February. Now, Clairo is back with yet another lo-fi track.

Clairo shared the demo “Everything I Wrote” for the internet-based Humble Records’ first volume of SoundCloud compilations. Written by Clairo last year, the demo calls back to her bedroom pop days with toned-down vocals and fuzzy guitars. The production is minimal but purposeful, crafting the distinct feeling of escaping to a nostalgic place. Droning guitars wash out Clairo’s tenor delivery as she sings of becoming distant from everything she knows. “Things I can’t control / Slip away before I know,” she sings on the demo.

Sharing the song to social media, Clairo wrote about the new demo: “‘Everything I Know’ a demo from earlier last year is featured on the Humble compilation vol. I,” she wrote.

Listen to Clairo’s “Everything I Know” above.

Immunity is out now via Fader. Get it here.