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Conan O’Brien And Adam Sandler’s Mustache Got Loopy And A Little Bit Lewd During Their Quarantine Chat

Late-night TV hosts continue to make their return to telecasts this week amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and Conan O’Brien and his iPhone could not have been more welcome on TBS (with Full Frontal With Samantha Bee planning a Wednesday comeback). O’Brien and sidekick Andy Richter did their damndest to banter through the circumstances with somewhat disheveled appearances, but neither of them was a match for guest Adam Sandler’s fully grown-in mustache as viewed in this online clip that’s not embeddable, but we’ll take it.

Granted, this is not officially a quarantine ‘stache. Sandler sported a similar look for Netflix’s Murder Mystery, but for “Coney,” the thing seemed to come to life. Maybe it was the terrible lighting in the Sandman’s home, who knows? However, it’s not like this relaxed outfit is unusual attire for the guy, who’s now so notorious for his casual looks that he could hit the red carpet in outfits like these. And all respect for this ‘stache.

Via Team Coco/TBS

“I like the mustache, by the way,” Conan offered after the 9:00 minute mark. “It looks like you’re going to be making pornography in quarantine.”

Oh yeah. Things only got stranger from there, with Sandler discussing how he’s “getting very experimental” in the bedroom with his wife, and naturally, Conan was all ears. The Sandman then proceeded to describe his new moves, which include, uh, actually doing something in the sack, and it’s safe to say that we really need this comedy (however juvenile) right now. Even if fresh supplies of laughter only come from watching low-tech webcam videos, these two know exactly what their audiences could use right now: distractions. That means watching these two mercilessly tease each other before Sandman whips out a musical instrument.

Watch the full clip here, and you won’t be sorry!