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Kodak Black’s Attorney Says He’s Been Sentenced To 12 Months In His Federal Gun Case

Kodak Black has reportedly been sentenced to another 12 months in prison after pleading guilty to the federal weapons charges against him, according to his Florida lawyer, Bradford Cohen. Despite not working the case directly, Cohen shared the outcome of the case on his Instagram, writing that the case had been “resolved,” but shared his dissatisfaction with the handling of the case by the federal prosecutor.

“Some good news and some frustration in regards to Kodak Black,” Cohen wrote. “The case in New York is resolved. I was not his attorney on that case. Although it should have been completely dismissed, as it was for the other 2 individuals in the same car, who testified that Kodak knew nothing about the firearm in the vehicle, and it was registered and legal to one of the other individuals he was with, they agreed to 12 month to run concurrent with his current sentence.”

However, Cohen said, even the judge in the case was confused why charges were still being pursued despite Kodak already being locked up already. “Even the Judge asked the prosecutor why are they not dismissing. Kodak Black just wanted to resolve it so he doesn’t lose any time in federal. You see, when you are out of federal custody you lose that time on your federal case,” Cohen explained, clarifying that the time would actually push back Kodak’s release date after he was transferred to a New York State facility due to the coronavirus epidemic.

“Now with the Coronavirus, its unknown when they will pick him up due to this virus. BUREAU OF PRISONS @bureauofprisons needs to address these issues that federal inmates are credited back time they miss due to this outbreak. More information to follow this, as we really need to delve deep into how Kodak is being treated differently than any other inmate and any other defendant.”

Of course, Kodak seemed content to let the coronavirus last until his release date, so despite his attorney feeling that he’s receiving unfair treatment, it looks like the rapper himself doesn’t mind the extra time.

Kodak Black is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.