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Future’s Fan-Favorite ‘Beast Mode’ Mixtape Hits Streaming Services For The First Time Since 2016

Way back in 2015, just six months after releasing his sophomore album Honest, Future shocked the world with Beast Mode, his collaborative mixtape with trap production pioneer Zaytoven. It was the second of his impressive, fan-favorite series of mixtapes which included Monster and 56 Nights that solidified Future as superstar and a production machine who could drop entire album-quality projects at an unprecedented clip. Unfortunately, Beast Mode had never been available for fans to officially stream — until today.

For the first time, Beast Mode has hit DSPs, allowing Future to collect the revenue he once told Uproxx he was missing out on by not being able to monetize his old projects — although he was able to capitalize on Beast Mode somewhat by releasing a sequel in 2018. However, last October he was able to upload Monster on its fifth anniversary as one of several rappers to bring a beloved catalog classic to streaming services. Now that he’s followed up with Beast Mode, it looks pretty much inevitable that he’ll have fans clamoring for 56 Nights to join the trilogy (as of today, the project is available to search and view, but the only playable track is “March Madness”).

Beast Mode is out now via Epic Records. Get it here.