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‘Animal Crossing’ Scaled Back Its Bunny Day Egg Drops After Players Complained

Bunny Day is still on in the Animal Crossing world, but much to the relief of players it did just get a bit harder to find eggs. The annual Easter-adjacent event is currently taking place on adorable Nintendo islands all over the world, but not all players were thrilled by the plethora of eggs found on their islands.

For those who haven’t played, the event is simple: eggs are hidden in various parts of the island and doing activities uncovers them. Hit a tree with an axe and a wood egg might come out instead of a piece of wood. Dig where X marks the spot and an earth egg may be there instead of a fossil. And so on. But the biggest complaint about the fortnight-long event is all the damn water eggs, which frustratingly would replace fish you worked hard to catch in streams, ponds and the ocean. A quick search for the term “water egg” on Twitter reveals a large number of some extremely popular tweets about the abundance of water eggs and how they were driving players insane.

The annoyance made for a lot of memes about eggs and the torture they were inflicting on people that just wanted to grind for some bells by fishing or chopping wood. But the frustration was real: for many players looking to make money and build new bridges or expand their homes it was actually harder to accumulate bells. And unless you were explicitly looking for them, the eggs made using Nook Miles Tickets to take trips to random islands far less profitable, or at least a lot more time-consuming if you found egg after egg in the water and not valuable fish.

It appears Nintendo heard your complaints, though, because on Monday morning the game updated to version 1.1.4, which according to Kotaku officially modified egg drop odds, as mentioned in the patch notes. Indeed, upon playing this morning the download was there and the odds do seem to have changed significantly. In trying to get an image for this post, for example, it took six tries to get an egg and not a fish. That’s much better fish-t0-egg ratio that I saw over the weekend when the Bunny Day event started.


The patch doesn’t seem to have altered all of the egg drop numbers — there are still plenty of earth eggs to dig up and stone eggs are flying out of stones like crazy — but one of the biggest frustrations with the event seems to have been nerfed. It’s an understandably difficult problem to parse for Nintendo, as there are dozens of Bunny Day designs needed to craft and players must have a way to accumulate all those eggs. But not altering the core gameplay of Animal Crossing while pulling off the special event has proven more difficult than many anticipated. Still, it’s good that they’re listening to players and making quick changes when things go wrong, as it’s the fourth patch of the game in a few weeks.

There’s still a lot of gaudy egg creations to craft if you want the big Bunny Day prize, but how attached you are a clearly-costumed bunny named Zipper is your call now. At least we can all go fishing again.