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Westside Gunn Explains How His Collaboration With Kanye West Was Derailed

Ever since they signed with Shady Records in 2017, Buffalo, New York rap crew Griselda’s profile has steadily risen. Now, they’re at the point where they get nods from Drake on social media, flurries of press for each of their proliferate projects and even a collaboration with Kanye West. The latter was confirmed by de facto group leader Westside Gunn, who detailed the work he and West have done in a recent Tidal Check-In interview with Elliott Wilson.

During the Instagram Live show, Wilson and Gunn discuss the creation of Gunn’s upcoming album, Pray For Paris, eventually coming to a question about Gunn’s visit to Kanye’s Sunday Service. “Ever since that day, we talk every other day,” Gunn says of his burgeoning relationship with the mercurial producer. “Just keeping in touch with each other… I might have an idea and send it to him.” According to Gunn, the duo planned to go to Cabo after a stop at West’s ranch in Wyoming. Unfortunately, as with many plans lately, the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis derailed their scheme before it could come to fruition.

“We took the PJ back to LA and then all this sh*t happened,” Gunn laments. But he does say, “Me and ‘Ye, we ’bout to be workin’.” He also reveals that he’s heard Kanye’s next project, promising “people will still love it” despite the lack of cursing from Kanye because “the production is still crazy.”

Watch Westside Gunn’s interview with Elliott Wilson above.