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Who Is The Mysterious Person Holding A Gun On ‘The Walking Dead’ This Week?

In the pseudo-season finale of The Walking Dead (the 16th episode of the tenth season will not return for an indeterminate period of time), the show’s main villain, Beta, is revisiting an old and familiar stomping ground for the series.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Alden are on a separate scouting mission of their own, trying to determine where the Whisperers are, and when they will invade. They’re basically following around Beta’s horde as it approaches the hospital, and of course, their walkie-talkie is on the fritz. Things seem to be going well for much of the episode, but near the end, Alden and Aaron get in over their head, their radio goes out, and they are surrounded by a number of Whisperers. However, in the final seconds of their scene in this week’s The Walking Dead, someone holds a gun up to Aaron’s head as The Whisperers are converging.


Here’s what is interesting about that scene: The Whisperers do not use guns. In fact, using a gun would completely ruin the point of being a Whisperer, who are people in skin suits who blend in with actual zombies. And if Aaron and Alden are surrounded on the other sides by Whisperers, but Whisperers do not use guns, then who is holding a gun to Aaron’s face?

I am not a betting person, but if I were, I bet that it’s either Maggie — or someone who Maggie is with — and that the next word out of that person’s mouth will be, “Duck,” at which point he or she will mow down all The Whisperers with what looks like an automatic weapon.

Why Maggie? Well, because we know that she will be making a brief surprise appearance before the season is over, and what better way to make a surprise appearance than to save Aaron — with whom she bonded several seasons ago — and Alden, a former Savior who she basically rehabilitated.


What a great reunion that would be, wouldn’t it? And the timing could not be more perfect.

We’ll know for sure when the season finale of The Walking Dead airs on a date TBA.