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Eerie Gaits Adds To His Instrumental Catalog With The Triumphant ‘The Rainbow Trout And The Wicker Creel’

Wild Pink vocalist John Ross is pivoting back towards his solo project Eerie Gaits. After the successful debut effort with the 2017 EP Bridge Music, Gaits returns with the upcoming full-length record Holopaw. Continuing his affection for instrumental soundscapes, Gaits shares the triumphant number “The Rainbow Trout And The Wicker Creel.”

“The Rainbow Trout And The Wicker Creel” opens with smooth synths. But unlike his latest single “Saw You Through The Trees,” the newly released track sounds hopeful. Bright keys bounce above the underlying synth while jubilant percussion creates an exultant soundscape.

According to a press statement, Gaits borrows his forthcoming album’s title from his hometown’s namesake:

“Holopaw, Florida is technically not a town, a village, or even a hamlet. The small area in the middle of the state is officially zoned as an “unincorporated community,” which means that it’s administered under the jurisdiction of Osceola County rather than its own municipality. In other words, the less than 5,000 people who live in Holopaw don’t have a local government to call their own, residing in the liminal space between established community and remote hinterland.”

Listen to “The Rainbow Trout And The Wicker Creel” above. Below, find Eerie Gaits’ Holopaw album art and tracklist.

Sound As Language

1. “What’s Eating You”
2. “Out In The Tall Grass”
3. “Saw You Through The Trees”
4. “Loisaida”
5. “The Rainbow Trout And The Wicker Creel”
6. “The Lure Follows The Line”
7. “A Quiet Explosion In Your Secret War”
8. “Oia”
9. “99, 100”

Holopaw is out 4/10 via Sound As Language. Pre-order it here.