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Tonight’s Supermoon Will Be The Biggest And Brightest Full Moon Of The Year

If you’ve run out of Netflix to stream and bread to bake, here’s a new quarantine activity to try out: taking in a brilliant celestial event. Tonight, April 7th, much of the United States will be able to enjoy the biggest and brightest supermoon of the year. Tonight’s full moon will be the closest to Earth our natural satellite will ever get, with next month’s supermoon being the last one for the rest of the year.

Thrillist notes that the next time we see a supermoon as bright as tonight’s won’t be until May 26th of 2021 — which feels like a long time in a different universe away — so don’t miss this chance. If nothing else, quarantine is a good reminder that sometimes the best way to cap off the night is to pack a bowl, chill with your housemates (or friends via zoom/FaceTime/whatever), and try to convince the person who is the most stoned that the moon is made of cheese.

According to Time and Date, the moon is expected to rise just after sunset and stay visible until early morning of the next day, though exact times will vary based on location. Don’t bother taking a photo unless you really know what you’re doing, but feel free to video chat your friends — it’s just like camping! You know, on your lawn or through your window. Practically the same thing.