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Justin Bieber’s ‘At Least For Now’ Choreography Video Is A Picturesque Battle With Nature

Justin Bieber debuted his comeback record Changes back in February. Since the record’s release, Bieber has kept fans entertained by releasing a heaping handful of videos as part of his Changes: The Movement series. With the visual series, Bieber invites talented choreographers to conceptualize the songs on his album through dance. His latest, a visual accompanying the track “At Least For Now,” is a serene battle with nature.

Directed by Nick DeMoura, the video is a visual depiction of the literary trope man vs. nature. Featuring dancer/choreographer Sean Lew, the visual takes place atop a scenic and snowy mountaintop. In an Instagram post, Lew shared his experience being a part of the video:

“i’m still in awe of how i’m a part of this series that are filled with some of the greatest movers and minds in the entire world. when i was called to do this song, i spent months trying to figure out a concept and story. me and nick literally went back and forth for weeks and it all came down to stripping it all down and going for something simplistic and meaningful. i personally spent hours and hours writing 14 different versions of a written narrative that would best fit this song. hearing this song, it all came down to his words and that was my guide to what i wanted to represent in this video. the feeling of almost getting what we desire for so long, the key to unlock our limitations. However, you realize that sometimes we have to hold back and just accept our restrictions because it’s what’s for the best at the moment. the whole world is dealing with one of the craziest challenges we’ve ever encountered, but i truly believe that we will get through this and we just have to accept the restraints that are being given upon us.”

Watch Bieber’s “At Least For Now” choreography video above.

Changes it out now via Def Jam. Get it here.