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Here’s The Trailer For Netflix’s Cannabis Cooking Competition Show, Dropping On 4/20

Stoners and foodies rejoice! We now have a new Netflix show that’s specifically curated for our dual-interests. Honestly, we’re surprised this show or something like it didn’t appear years ago — food and cannabis are a natural pairing after all. One gets you all set up for the munchies and the other feeds that craving.

This looks like the perfect show to watch while you light up a bowl and work up the willpower to get up and cook. If so, we suggest going with a Sativa in this case, to avoid couch-lock.

Launching on April 20th (because 4/20 of course) Netflix’s Cooked with Cannabis is hosted by singer and chef Kelis along with fellow chef and cannabis connoisseur Leather Storrs and sees the world’s best chefs compete in a cannabis-infused cook-off that will see the winner take home a cool $10,000 dollar prize, as well as walk away sufficiently baked. In each episode, three expert cannabis chefs will prepare a three-course cannabis-infused menu where they’ll utilize ingredients like cannabis flowers, leaves, and other CBD infused products while Kelis, Leather, and a group of celebrity guests hang-out and enjoy the goods.

The unique premise offers a breath of fresh air in the often overly-serious and high production value cooking competitions we’re used to seeing. We’re particularly interested in seeing just how well one can judge when they’re high, because if the trailer above makes one thing crystal clear, it’s that every single person on camera is stoned out of their freaking gourds.

Hopefully, this sets up a precedent for future cannabis-friendly shows, think of the possibilities: Cannabis King, 90-Day High Fiancee, The High Bachelor. Put weed in all of it, watch the awards roll in.

Cooked with Cannabis is set to air on April 20th on Netflix.