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Tracy Morgan’s Wild Interviews Didn’t Stop With The ‘Today’ Show, He Kept Going

Tracy Morgan made a memorable and instantly viral appearance on the Today show on Tuesday where the comedian peppered host Hoda Kotb with a barrage of hilarious anecdotes about his life under quarantine, including the wild claim that he’s already gotten his wife pregnant three times over the past three weeks. “Every week she got pregnant,” Morgan joked to a very surprised Kotb.

But Morgan’s knack for off-the-cuff interview answers didn’t stop there. The Last OG actor also made remote calls from his house to Late Night with Seth Meyers and Conan where he continued to crack wise about his sex life, home-schooling his kids, and his beloved shark aquarium, which was a constant source of comedy.

While talking with Meyers, Morgan joked that his new method of foreplay is taking off his medical mask, and he also upped the ante on his wife’s pregnancies, which he now says is up to four. Just for the record. The comedian then took Meyers to task for asking about the names of his fish. Apparently, Morgan doesn’t believe in naming his pets. “They don’t even have brains, they just have nerves.” When asked how his kids are doing, Morgan said that his version of home-schooling is taking them down to the turnpike and teaching them how to get hit by a FedEx truck. Is that a reference to Morgan’s own accident, or just the first thing that popped into his head? Who knows?

You can watch the full Late Night interview below:

As for Morgan’s appearance on Conan, he continued to wheel out the sex jokes, only this time he added a trip to the doctors where he was diagnosed with three types of crabs. He also kept busting out a pirate impression in front of his aquarium, which left Conan laughing every time. Without fail. As for Morgan’s kids, they’ve gone from learning how to get hit by FedEx trucks to seeking shelter in his aunts “64DD” bra. Apparently, it’s keeping everyone safe at the Morgan house.

You can watch the full Conan interview below:

(Via The AV Club)