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Bad Bunny Loves A Fan’s Painting Of Him So Much He Actually Offered Thousands Of Dollars For It

As the global pandemic causes millions to become suddenly unemployed, many musicians have offered financial assistance to fans. Taylor Swift recently covered rent for a fan who lost their job due to the virus. Lil Nas X and Megan Thee Stallion offered to pay some of their fans’ bills. Now, Puerto Rican pop star Bad Bunny is the latest musician to offer financial assistance to one of his supporters, albeit in a different way.

Cynthia Coronado, a devoted fan of Bad Bunny, recreated one of the singer’s Instagram photos on a giant canvas. The detailed painting shows Bad Bunny sporting heart-shaped glasses while sunbathing. Coronado shared the painting on Twitter and tagged Bad Bunny in hopes he would see it: “hope y’all like and hopefully he gets to see it!” she wrote.

Not only did the painting catch Bad Bunny’s attention, but he loved the portrait so much that he offered to purchase it for an impressive sum of money. “yo lo quiero,” he wrote. The singer then said he would pay $5,000 to keep the painting.

While most people would have accepted the hefty sum of money, Coronado was satisfied enough that he enjoyed her work. The painter turned down the money and instead said his love of the artwork was “worth more than money.”

After her tweet blew up, Coronado thanked Bad Bunny’s fans for their attention and said she’s working on creating prints of the artwork.

Check out Bad Bunny’s Twitter exchange with the fan above.