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Rhye Celebrates Beauty During Quarantine With His New Single ‘Beautiful’

Life around the world has changed for just about everybody during the coronavirus pandemic. While these times can be discouraging, Rhye believes it’s important to be open to finding beauty, and now he is trying to encourage that with his new single, “Beautiful.”

In addition to the song, which slots nicely into the subtly funky Rhye oeuvre, he is also presenting an endeavor called “A Beautiful Weekend.” The project has taken the form of a livestream of various video clips as “Beautiful” plays over them. Over the first ten hours of the broadcast (it went live at midnight ET), there has been footage of nature, kids enjoying time in the pool, empty city streets, and other scenes. As of this post, a panda eating bamboo is being broadcast.

Rhye says of the “A Beautiful Weekend” project:

“As we all share in this collective crazy moment that is quarantine, there are many ways to deal with the isolation, many ways we can truly fall into ourselves. For me, celebrating the beauty that is my partner has been a huge inspiration for me and a saving grace. Beauty is something we truly need to be open to in this moment. Find it in music, art, your loved ones, or yourself.”

Listen to “Beautiful” above.