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Roman Reigns Says It Isn’t His Leukemia That’s Keeping Him Off WWE TV Right Now

The WWE Universe hasn’t seen Roman Reigns on TV since March. Reigns was scheduled to face Goldberg for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 36 but pulled out of the match shortly beforehand as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the country. Many people assumed the reason behind Reigns backing out of the event and all subsequent WWE shows being taped during quarantine was due to his potential status as an immunocompromised person, having been diagnosed with leukemia twice in his life. Reigns took to Instagram a few weeks ago to deliver a message to his fans that really didn’t clear up the why of the whole thing.

Now Reigns has come forward to fully explain his decision. Speaking with TMZ, the future Hall Of Famer said the following about his health:

“A lot of people, they think that it was based off of my heath and the history of my fight against leukemia. Talking to my doctors and stuff, I actually am fine and my immune system is good. The drugs that I take to fight the leukemia, they don’t attack your immune system. Not everybody knew because I’ve been trying to keep it private in this crazy world.”

So Reigns wasn’t concerned for his health, what made him decide to stay home? One word: Fatherhood. Reigns continues:

“We just had newborn twin boys. They’re eight weeks old. I had to make a decision for them… It’s my family, it’s my children, they are my legacy. No matter what I do in this world, my children are gonna be the ones to represent my name and carry our name forward. So I had to make that choice for them, to protect them being so young.”

Reigns said he is currently in “daddy mode” and doesn’t have a return date in mind, but he did mention he has been watching the product, commenting:

“It’s weird to see the show in front of no one. It’s strange, because we sell the atmosphere.”

While we don’t know when to expect Reigns back inside a WWE ring, at least we know he and his family are healthy, and that’s what matters most right now.