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Shamir’s Vibrant ‘On My Own’ Video Ushers In A New Introspective Era Of Music

Philadelphia-based boundary-breaking indie rocker Shamir has followed up his recent 2020 album Cataclysm with even more music. With “On My Own,” Shamir turns the page and sets his sights on yet another record that’s due out later this summer.

“On My Own” boasts a fuzzy, grunge-inspired guitar riff that’s juxtaposed by Shamir’s lilting vocals. “I used to think that love was fleeting / You’ll just end up hurt / But it’s a cosmic game of meetings / That may never work and I think / Maybe I deserve a little more / And life will get easier / But I don’t believe in love anymore / Don’t bargain with my worth cause,” Shamir sings at the hook, reflecting on a breakup.

The single’s accompanying video was directed and produced by Shamir himself while in quarantine. For the visual, Shamir makes use of his space, playing with different backdrops and outfits composed of second-hand clothing to reflect that track’s cathartic nature.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the single, Shamir said he originally penned the track about finding solace in being an introvert after a particularly tough breakup. But, as many songs have in the past few months, “On My Own” eventually morphed into an “accidental” quarantine anthem, “especially for the people who live alone like me,” he said.

While Shamir has yet to unveil a firm album release date, the singer plans on debuting his upcoming project some time this summer. According to Shamir, the record is his most “accessible” since his 2015 breakout Ratchet and the singer has heavily leaned on post-hardcore ’90s for sonic inspiration.

Watch Shamir’s “On My Own” video above.