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Toby Innocent? An ‘Office’ Star Hints About The True Identity Of The Scranton Strangler

Who is the Scranton Strangler?

Seven years after The Office ended, we still don’t have an answer. I mean, sure, the lamestream media wants you to believe that George Howard Skub is Scranton’s most notorious serial killer (I assume there are multiple serial killers in the Pennsylvania city — looking at you, Jim), but much of the evidence points to Toby… Or does it?

Rolling Stone recently spoke to Creed Bratton, and asked him whether the character he played on The Office, also named Creed, might be the Scranton Strangler. He did dress up as that twisted menace the Joker, after all. “If I was there right now, I’d probably strangle you for asking me that question,” Bratton responded, hopefully with a laugh.

He continued:

“He obviously had a body in the trunk of his car [in season six’s ‘Murder’] after Michael said, ‘There’s been a murder here’ and he ran out. He’d obviously killed somebody. He came in once with blood all over him [in season nine’s ‘Here Comes Treble’]. He’d obviously killed somebody, but he had blood all over him. A strangler doesn’t get blood all over him. They just take the life out. He had been slicing up somebody with a knife. Maybe he’s not.”

What about Michael Scott’s least favorite human resources rep? “People say it’s Toby, but I just can’t imagine that,” Bratton said. “Can you imagine him grabbing someone and strangling them? I can’t. Me? Yes. You can see me doing it. Of course.”

My money’s on Creed. Or maybe Gabe. It’s Gabe, definitely Gabe.

(Via Rolling Stone)