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Nicki Minaj Says It Was ‘A Sting’ That Lil Nas X Denied His Fan Account

Nicki Minaj has responded to Lil Nas X’s earlier admission that he denied his Barb status for fear of being outed as gay. In a moment of vulnerability, the “Trollz” rapper admitted that Nas’ denial hurt but also expressed empathy for his situation and gratitude for his honesty.

“It was a bit of a sting when you denied being a Barb, but I understand,” she wrote. “Congratulations on building up your confidence to speak your truth.”

Nicki’s response came after Lil Nas’ reply to an earlier tweet of hers requesting a feature turned into a mini-therapy session between himself and a fan. When questioned why he always hid or denied running the @NasMaraj fan account, Nas said, “I didn’t want people to know I was gay,” then elaborated that because of stereotypes about Nicki Minaj fans and the hostile climate toward gay men in hip-hop, he felt uncomfortable with acknowledging the account. “People will assume if you had an entire fan page dedicated to Nicki you are gay,” he said. “And the rap/music industry ain’t exactly built or accepting of gay men yet.”

Fortunately for Nas, his massive success with “Old Town Road” and the 7 EP gave him the space and the standing to reveal that part of himself. He’s also now one of Nicki’s peers and not just a fan, so maybe he’ll get that feature after all.

Check out Nicki’s supportive response to Lil Nas X above.