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Netflix’s ‘Warrior Nun’ Will Deliver Us From Evil With A Gothy, Superpowered, Action-Packed Trailer

A Netflix TV series called Warrior Nun? It sounds pretty grindhouse-y, but this story has comic book roots, first and foremost, along with any other influences one might infer. The show’s inspired by the manga novels of the same name and follows a 19-year-old woman, Ava, who dies and comes back to life in a morgue. It’s not an ideal circumstance, and she doesn’t seem thrilled about waking up in this trailer, but nonetheless, she’s apparently bestowed with a purpose, given that there’s a divine artifact embedded within her back. Ava might not be living her best life, but she’s going to get the action-packed job done, no matter how grueling the obstacles, including demonic ones.

In other words, we’ve got a different breed of reluctant superhero on TV this summer. Ava will find herself pursued by powerful forces sourcing from both Heaven and Hell, but she’s also now part of a divine order, and that glowing artifact gives her powers. And there are demons afoot on Earth, who must be stopped, so she hooks up with a group of butt-kicking nuns (with glorious names like Shotgun Mary and Lilith). Showrunner Simon Barry (Continuum, Ghost Wars, Bad Blood) is onboard, so expect this show to be heavy on atmosphere in addition to action.

Warrior Nun streams on July 2.