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(Sandy) Alex G Is Once Again Named Just Alex G

In April of 2017, the musician who had then-previously been known as Alex G (a shortening of his legal name, Alex Giannascoli) announced that he would be changing his stage name to (Sandy) Alex G, an alteration that was perhaps related to another artist who was also known as Alex G. Now we have a sort of Michael Scott snip-snap-snip-snap situation on our hands, because Giannascoli is once again going by just Alex G.

Riot Fest announced its 2021 lineup yesterday, and Alex G was on the poster, referred to without the “(Sandy).” Following this, Stereogum got confirmation from Alex G’s management that this wasn’t a mistake, and that the musician is indeed going by just Alex G again. The publication also notes that “(Sandy)” was dropped from Alex G’s name on streaming services last week. Indeed, all of his releases on Spotify are credited to Alex G, although Apple Music has yet to update his name. Alex G has also changed his name on Twitter and Instagram, although his handle remains @sandyalexg on both platforms.

So, all in all, Alex G only released two albums as (Sandy) Alex G before reverting back to his previous name: 2017’s Rocket and last year’s House Of Sugar.