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The GameStop-Reddit Stock Market Saga Is Already Being Turned Into A Movie

The biggest non-presidential story of 2021 isn’t even close to over yet. It’s the stock market saga involving amateur Reddit investors who gamed the system, turning flailing businesses like GameStop and AMC Theatres into cash cows and prompting angry responses from Robinhood Marketing Inc., the app that helped fuel it, and billionaires angry that non-billionaires were making money. And though the story is only a week old with no end in sight, Hollywood is already turning it into a movie.

This comes from Deadline, who report that MGM — the legendary Hollywood studio that at the height of its powers in the mid-20th century was one of the industry’s five biggest players — has purchased the rights to the forthcoming book The Antisocial Network. Mind you, this book hasn’t even been written yet. So far author Ben Mezrich only has a book proposal and he has yet to shop it around to publishers. In the meantime, the story will undoubtedly become even juicier in the coming weeks.

Among Mezrich’s other books include The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding Of Facebook, a Tale Of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal, which was turned into — you guessed it — The Social Network. There’s no word yet on who will direct, but surely David Fincher knows his way around not only a Mezrich tome but also scrappy young techies who wind up changing the world, if not always for the better. But again, it’s possible we’re only at the beginning of what could turn into a real game-changer.

(Via Deadline)