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Marjorie Taylor Greene Posted A Photo Of Support Written In The Snow, And Everyone Accused Her Of Doing It Herself

Freshman Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has been in the news almost constantly since she took office in early January, and for good reason: She’s a QAnon supporter with a long history of dangerous social media posts, from spreading conspiracy theories to calling for the execution of people who are now her colleagues. Calls have been ramping up for her to resign or be expelled from Congress, but on Sunday night, she tweeted out what she alleged was a sign of support. Problem is, no one believed it was legit.

As the Northeast was blanketed in snow, Greene took to Twitter, posting a picture of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, with the Washington Monument looming in the background. Someone had written a hashtag in the snow: #StandwithMTG.

Thing is, pretty much no one believed that it was the work of a stranger who wanted to show their support for a widely deplored congressperson. Instead the many who quote-tweeted her lodged the same accusation: That she had almost certainly done it herself, taken a picture of it, and passed it off as someone else’s handiwork:

Some simply posted the beloved Nathan Fielder image of him claiming to be hanging with friends who are obviously just off-screen.

Some made jokes about her anti-Semitic theory about space lasers causing California’s wildfires.

Others responded in kind.

And others did not think someone who has harassed survivors of school massacres should get the luxury of jokes.