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Marc Maron Knows Who Kevin Morby Is Now — Watch Their Instagram Interview

Few know how to carry a running joke with the ease of Marc Maron, a longtime comedian, podcaster, writer and actor, who just has a knack for interviewing people and keeping listeners interested. During lockdown, Maron has been hopping on Instagram Live to touch base with fans and recently they’ve been asking him about musician Kevin Morby, probably because his excellent 2020 record Sundowner is the kind of album you’ll want to share with friends who haven’t heard it yet.

For his part, Maron somehow hadn’t heard of Morby (maybe start with City Music in that case, Marc) and turned the whole thing into a bit of a meme. “I have no idea who Kevin Morby is, but somebody always throws his name out there,” he said. “I asked somebody about Kevin Morby the other day.”

Well, Morby himself is apparently a big fan of Maron, and had a field day with that clip, delighting in the fact that he was an unknown but often-discussed presence in Marc’s life. “Marc Maron not knowing who I am being a part of his morning programming is really making my week” Morby wrote. “I’m a huge Maron/WTF fan ever since hearing the Fiona Apple interview in 2012 and have logged many hours since so hearing his voice keep saying he doesn’t know who I am is an honor. I don’t know who I am either Marc.”

That was apparently all it took — now the two are officially acquainted after hopping on an Instagram Live together this morning. The two talked for about twenty minutes, and the full clip is available on Marc’s Instagram. Maron called it “alt-rock clickbait,” and he couldn’t be more right. Wait until you get through Maron’s household wandering in the beginning and check out the conversation below.