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A ‘WandaVision’ Line Sparked A Twitter Meme About Iconic Movie Moments

The latest entry in the very long tradition of Marvel stans and cinema fans yelling at each other about movies got its latest entry over the weekend, but at least this time we got a decent meme out of it. As a warning, this post contains some spoilers about Episode 8 of WandaVision, so don’t scroll down if you don’t want a line from the episode spoiled.

The line in question happened during a flashback, in which Wanda and Vision discussed the subject of grief. The synthetic humanoid offered a bit of advice to Wanda that became a significant bonding moment for the future couple. “What is grief, if not love persevering?” he asked Wanda, who was mourning her dead parents and brother.


Many fans praised the line on social media after the episode aired on Friday. But one comment in particular set off a firestorm on Twitter. The tweet from Madison Hatfield, said the line would be infuriating to future screenwriters trying to best it.

“Do you hear that sound? It’s every screenwriter in the world whispering a reverent “FUCK” under their breath,” it wrote.

The tweet quickly went viral, with some agreeing that the line is profound enough to be worthy of such praise. But there were detractors, many of whom quickly pointed out either that it wasn’t all that earth-shattering or that other kinds of media have similarly clever sentiments as well. Which is why the text from the tweet soon became a meme format where others raved about lines from cinema and TV shows that were, well, not nearly as good as the tweet suggested.

Some just decided to change the line altogether.

None of this will fix the never-ending battle between cinephiles and Marvel fans, who seem to be battling for the future of the entertainment industry. But at least this time the fight was less about semantics and more about making people laugh.