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Soulja Boy Shows His Swiftie Side By Commanding Kanye West To Apologize To Taylor Swift

At the moment, Soulja Boy is not pleased with Kanye West. Soulja apparently recorded a verse for West’s new album Donda, but was ultimately not included on the release. That left him pretty upset, and since then, his Twitter has been a regular feed of anti-West posts. As part of that feed, Soulja has found himself in Swiftie territory.

This afternoon, Soulja insisted that West apologize to Swift, presumably for their infamous microphone-snatching moment at the 2009 VMAs. He tweeted, “U P*ssy. U really wore that trump hat too. You did a-lot of corny sh*t in ur career and got a pass. B*tch ass n**** apologize to Taylor swift @kanyewest.” He quickly followed up by noting that had West tried to take a microphone from him, the outcome of that situation would have been violent: “If u would have ran on stage and snatched a mic from my hand I would have knocked yo ass out live on MTV @kanyewest.”

Meanwhile, it seems West has actually tried to mend fences with Swift, or at least brought up the possibility. Back in September 2020, West tweeted that he wanted to help Swift regain control over her masters, saying, “I’M GOING TO PERSONALLY SEE TO IT THAT TAYLOR SWIFT GETS HER MASTERS BACK. SCOOTER [Braun] IS A CLOSE FAMILY FRIEND.”