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Elliot Page Rocked A ‘Boring’ Black Suit Better Than Anyone At The 2021 Met Gala

The Met Gala is usually the biggest fashion event of the year, and this event was no exception (although yep, it’s another weird year). This year’s theme happened to be “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” which got ignored by plenty of attendees (well, AOC definitely did not ignore it), and then several of the guys decided to play it safe with the basic black suit. Those guys included Channing Tatum, Brooklyn Beckham, and Justin Bieber, although definitely not Dan Levy. As for Elliot Page, he wore a classic Balenciaga suit adorned with a green flower (an homage to Oscar Wilde). On anyone else, this black, oversized suit may have been a non-event, but Elliot rocked these duds.

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The good vibes are contagious. The Umbrella Academy star and Oscar winner’s team revealed (earlier this year) that his career offers were pouring in since coming out as trans in December 2020, and over the summer, Page posted his first swim-trunks photo since having top surgery (a process to remove breast tissue), which he discussed with Oprah Winfrey. Elliot had detailed how “freeing” the procedure made him feel, which was probably how Elliot felt while hearing photographers yell his name in the below video.

As for the suit? Twitter users are quite good with this “basic” and “boring” suit at the Met Gala, but only because Elliot freaking wanted to wear it.

The lesson here? Elliot Page can pull off whatever the heck he wants, and people dig it.