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Jimmy Kimmel Is Bewildered By Trump’s ‘Strange’ Lies About Him And Sets The Record Straight

Jimmy Kimmel is used to hearing Donald Trump’s lies (we all are), but they’re usually not about him. “I did [Kimmel’s] show many times before I was doing this,” the former-president told Greg Gutfeld during a recent Fox News interview. “He used to greet me on the sidewalk. He used to wait for me, nobody else. This was before I was a politician.” Trump also claimed that Kimmel would “wait for me outside his studio in Los Angeles, very crowded street, he kissed my ass all the way in and then what happens? I run and then all of a sudden I’m like this horrible guy.” Finally some self-awareness from Donald.

Kimmel reflected on Trump’s comments during Monday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. “He genuinely believes this happened,” he said. “I mean, not only is this a fairy tale from beginning to end, he says he was on our show many times before he was a politician. But before he ran for president, he was on the show one time in 2007 with Carrot Top, by the way. I think we picked the wrong guy.” Kimmel was deeply bewildered about Trump’s “strange” lies, joking, “If you’re going to make stuff up, why not make it interesting? Why not say he gave me a piggyback ride? I rubbed his feet or something.

You can watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live monologue above.