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‘The Daily Show’ Hilariously Profiled A New Jersey Woman Fighting For Her Right To Post ‘F#ck Biden’ Signage On Her Property

Throughout history, people have used the power of their own voices to change the world—and Andrea Dick just so happens to be one of those brave individuals. The Daily Show’s Michael Kosta recently paid a visit to the Roselle Park, New Jersey home of Dick, who is currently fighting for her right to decorate her home in as many “F*#k Joe Biden” and “Joe Biden Sucks” signs as she f*cking pleases.

It all began back over Memorial Day, according to Dick, when she decided to spruce up the exterior of her home with a few colorful pro-Trump signs that used even more colorful language. But the profanity-laden makeover didn’t sit well with town officials, who fined her for the profane signage. She took the town to court, lost, then appealed—and won. Because neither Dick nor her MAGArrific banners were about to come down without a fight.

When Kosta asked Dick why these signs are so important to her, she explained that: “I feel, honestly, that Trump won this election in 2020. I literally think it was totally stolen from him.” Which led Kosta to wonder why her signs didn’t mention the election at all. She was honest in her answer: Because she didn’t make or print the signs herself, she bought them from China.

Even though “Mrs. Dick’s free speech was imported from Communist China,” Kosta said he wanted to know how Roselle Park Mayor Joe Signorello could justify trying to silence her sweary décor. Signorello was quick to defend his position, claiming that he’s not attempting to “silence” Dick—he’s simply “trying to make sure people are good neighbors, especially around children.” He also noted that Dick “has had pro-Trump signs plastered all over her house for the last three years, which is totally allowable by our local ordinances. But the code states that you can’t have explicit or offensive material—a poster or any kind of signage—outside of your house.”

“Wait, so the issue you have isn’t with the message, ‘F*ck Biden,’” Kosta asked, “it’s with the actual word ‘f*ck’?” Signorello said yes—especially in that it creates an issue where parents need to explain “what the f-bomb means” to their youngsters. Dick’s response to that? “Come on! They hear it at the park. They got the trash music going… that rap sh*t they listen to.”

Astute musical opinions aside, Dick’s actually got a pretty powerful group in her corner: the ACLU. (Or, as Kosta calls them: “The mother*cking ACLU!”) Amol Sinha, the organization’s executive director, explained that they took on Dick’s case because they “serve to defend everybody’s constitutional rights, regardless of the views they hold.”

“We’re worried about the implications for everybody else,” Sinha continued. In other words: “If you can’t say ‘f*ck Biden,’ then you won’t be able to say ‘f*ck Trump.’” As Kosta thoughtfully pointed out, this would also mean we can’t say “f*ck Ted Cruz, f*ck Don Jr., f*ck Ivanka Trump.” And who wants to live in a world like that?

You can watch the full clip above.