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‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Are Aghast That Vaccine Skeptic Aaron Rodgers Could Have Been Their Next Problematic Host

A significant amount of Jeopardy! fans want Mayim Bialik to become permanent host once this era-of-sharing (with champ Ken Jennings) runs its course. And it’s a good thing that Mayim clarified her vaccination stance and came out on the pro-COVID jab side of the equation because, well, no one wants another Mike Richards fiasco. No sir, producers surely want someone as non-controversial as possible, even if there’s no way to find someone for the job who’s as beloved as Alex Trebek.

That’s a valid concern, which also jibes with reports that Jennings was initially passed over as host because of his past tweets. And for a little while, it looked like Aaron Rodgers could have been the pick, given how impressively prepared he was during his guest host stint. Well, we all know what happened next. Richards took the job, and Rodgers kept doing his GQ thing for the Green Bay Packers.

Fast forward, and life comes at you fast. Earlier this week, Rodgers tested positive for COVID, so he’ll miss this Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Cue a firestorm amid speculation that he lied about his vaccination status (he’s since revealed himself as a skeptic who reportedly questions fertility implications of the shot), and Rodgers followed up his positive test by going on a rant about the “woke mob” and “cancel culture casket.” He also revealed that he’s taken COVID advice from his friend and fellow Ivermectin proponent (!) Joe Rogan.

Boy, this is a mess for the NFL. It could be an even bigger mess if Rodgers had somehow become the Jeopardy! host. Fans of the show are both aghast over the near-miss and breathing a sigh of relief.

Talk about a game-show bullet dodged.