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You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Watched Alex Cameron Dancing In A Speedo In The ‘Sara Jo’ Video

Alex Cameron has never been afraid to march to the beat of his own drum, most recently on 2019’s Miami Memory, where he wrote songs about stepdads, broken homes, and porn. Now for the first time since then, he’s released a new song in “Sara Jo” with a can’t-miss video.

Set on a chilly Croatian shore, the clip is directed by Cameron and sees him shifting from cabana wear to skin tight Speedo swimsuit and Chaco sandals as he dances to the beat. The delightfully weird Cameron sings about his dysfunctional family, “Who pulled the curtains? Who broke the screen? Who told my brother that his kids are gonna die from this vaccine? Who told my mother that she’s never gonna find no love, nobody? Who told my father that he doesn’t have to pay for counseling?”

Over upbeat drums, synths, and of course a sprinkling of saxophone from his longtime “business partner” Roy Malloy, the song sets the stage for a new motif of disillusionment from the singer. That’s surely something we can all relate to in these new roaring ’20s we’re living in. But in presenting it as audaciously as he does — while gyrating in a Speedo — Cameron continues to show that he’s a master of not taking himself seriously.

Watch the video for “Sara Jo” above and check out Cameron’s European tour dates here.