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A Jazz Dancer Got Surprised By A Proposal From Her Boyfriend Mid-Routine

In-arena proposals happen fairly regularly around the NBA, but on Monday night in Utah there was a far more elaborate proposal than the standard surprise “will you marry me?” Jumbotron proposal.

The Utah Jazz played host to the Charlotte Hornets and during one of the breaks in play, the Jazz dancers came out for a routine, when suddenly the music shifted and all of the dancers but one switched up what they were doing, leaving her in a state of confusion trying to figure out why what they had rehearsed wasn’t happening. That was for a good reason, as the rest of the crew were all in on a surprise proposal that was coming from her boyfriend, who trotted out to midcourt for the special moment — and happily got a “yes.”

The in-arena proposal comes with an element of risk, given you’re doing this in a public forum in front of thousands, but this one was done particularly well and seemed to get the intended happy surprise response. It’s pretty great to see her go from confused and maybe a little mad that everyone switched up the routine without telling her to realizing what was happening as her boyfriend appeared on the court. Congrats to the happy couple, and the bar has certainly been raised for arena proposals.