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‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Has Shared The Song That Gets Her Going Before Every Win

Amy Schneider, who was already the winningest woman on Jeopardy! before passing the $1,000,000 mark on Friday, keeps on cranking. On Tuesday might, the Ohio native scored her 30th win, and there’s no sign that she’ll be knocked down anytime soon. To that end, she sat down with NPR to discuss her winning streak, and there’s plenty of useful tidbits in here, including how those GOP trolls aren’t actually as bad (at least online) as Amy expected them to be.

Amy revealed how “[i]t really is a much smaller percentage of negative feedback that I’ve been getting,” as well as her believe that “as anyone should on the internet, I stay out of the comment sections.” That’s the truth, and Amy opened up about the song (and it’s the same one I once used before running races with much less success) that she uses to get herself ready to roll. In addition to years of prep, the song is working:

“To sort of pump myself up before each game … standing at the podium, I kind of run through the lyrics of Eminem’s Lose Yourself,” she said. “It’s so fitting to the moment because I really do have to lose myself in the moment, like he says.”

From there, Amy also took to Twitter to discuss how she prefers to unwind, post-game: bath bombs. It looks like she’s on the mend from having a cold, too, and Amy also opened up about the strict, early-morning Covid-19 testing regimen for contestants during these strange times.

(Via NPR)