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A Preview Of Saucy Santana’s Beyonce-Sampling New Single ‘Booty’ Is Already Being Called The Song Of The Summer

The summer may very well belong to Saucy Santana if his new single lives up to the high expectations fans have set for it. Santana, who only started rapping professionally in 2019 after working as a makeup artist for City Girls, has already seen his star rise tremendously as a result of TikTok-favorite singles like “Walk,” “Material Girl,” and “Shisha,” but his next single, “Booty,” has the potential to be his biggest yet for three reasons.

Reason number one: Santana teased the single on TikTok and Twitter just hours ago, and he’s already trending, with fans calling “Booty” the song of the summer despite only having 15 seconds to go on. That’s influence, people.

Reason number two: Booty samples one of the biggest hits in one of the most storied discographies in the recording industry. It’s not subtle either; the sample of Beyonce’s breakthrough solo single “Crazy In Love” blares out of an unseen speaker in Santana’s teaser as he twerks and pops to the particularly sticky hook.

Reason number three: There’s a mystery guest, and Santana is at that stage in his career where it could be someone huge. His hiding the name makes it all the more likely since it implies it’s someone he hasn’t worked with already, who you might not expect him to work with, but who will totally make sense when you find out who it is. There’s also that collaboration that Lil Nas X teased a few months ago…

For now, we’ll have to stick with guessing but if Santana’s dropping teasers, the answer can’t be too far around the corner. Check out the snippet above and the reactions below, and get ready for a Santana summer.