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Warner Bros. Is Sticking With Ezra Miller In ‘The Flash,’ Legal Troubles And All, Mostly Because They Don’t Have A Choice

After Ezra Miller‘s most recent arrest for second-degree assault in Hawaii, the fate of the solo The Flash movie has not looked too great. Miller’s repeated run-ins with the law dominating headlines made replacing the actor look like a real possibility. It also didn’t help that Warner Bros. has reportedly put all future projects with Miller on “pause.”

However, according to a new report, the studio is still moving full speed ahead with Miller as the star of The Flash movie, mainly because it would be next to impossible to replace them without entirely scrapping the film. In other words, don’t expect to see another actor take Miller’s place — yet. (The next movie? Maybe!) Via Variety:

With “The Flash,” insiders say it would not be possible to replace Miller without reshooting the entire movie. They are in just about every scene, and there is not enough digital technology in existence to configure that magic without going back to square one. And redoing the entire film is not a realistic proposition for any movie — much less one that wrapped production months ago and already cost hundreds of millions.

As Variety also notes, The Flash is doing very well with test audiences and could potentially be a box-office smash for the studio, which it needs to get the DC Films to become reliable hits like the Marvel movies. More cynically, The Flash could turn a profit, or the very least, recoup the millions that have already been dropped before Miller put the whole film in jeopardy.

That said, all this hinges on Miller staying out of trouble for an entire year. The Flash is slated for June 23, 2023, and well, that’s a pretty long time. If Miller continues to rack up assaults, Warner Bros. might have no choice but to scrap the whole movie and cut their very huge losses.

(Via Variety)